Tips for finding E-commerce products to sell

Finding E-Commerce products to sell

E-commerce is huge and getting bigger everyday finding products to sell can be a daunting task to say the least. There are lots of tools out there to help you analyze Amazon or Shopify narrowing down products to the smallest metric like number of reviews, number of sellers, etc but this doesnt really help us when we are trying to get started or trying to launch our first ecommerce site

To get things moving and get those creative juices flowing look no further than google. Take a product you are interested in an do some digging on one of the most popular ecommerce shopping platforms shopify.
At the google search page type in the following syntax: “keyword”

The results are going to bring up shopify products selling this product as all shopify stores are hosted on From here you can right click and open as many examples as you choose looking at the various sites selling your chosen product

The problem is with so many sites out there how do we know which ones are performing or selling anything? Shopify has built into its url structure a way to see this easily and quickly

To show the best selling products on any shopify store simply add ?sort_by=best=selling to the end of the url and hit enter

With all this information you now have another problem where are they getting these products to sell and where should you start?

Most not all shopify stores are using a dropshipping method where the products are sourced primarily from China often from  without going down the whole dropshipping road what are some killer tips to find an ideal product to start building your ecommerce store

The ideal product

  •  Can be relatively easily be sourced (doesn;t mean it’s easy to find, but once the source is found, shipments and production or dropshipping should not be a constant headache)
  • Is small and lightweight, so you don’t pay a lot in shipping (or don;t need a lot of space to store)
  •  Is consumable to some degree ( so people need to buy more / new at some point) or fashionable to some extent (not a hot trend that passes, but colors that changes, styles that develop, so people need a new version of what they like)
  • Something people have a passion for and naturally want to talk about
  • Have a relatively healthy margin (so you can spend on advertising or just make good money)
  • Has the potential to build a brand around or associate a lifestyle with and other complimentary products
  • Is inexpensive enough to be an impulse buy



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