Here is a Complete SEO Checklist for Web Developers

Here is a great article from search engine journal you should check out

its a seo checklist for web developers. what makes this list great is it focuses on the technical side of seo and your site these are the items you should go over and make sure are correct once you have finished designing your site and writing the content it’s all of these little things that can break your site, slow it down or just make it hard to rank

A Complete SEO Checklist for Web Developers – Search Engine Journal

Is My Google Webmaster Tools Properly Installed? Is Google Analytics (Or Stats Tool of Choice) Installed?
Look Into This: Mobile First Development
Look Into This: Structured Data
Look Into This: Check Your Robots.txt File
Look Into This: Staging Site Domain Check
Look Into This: HTML Errors
Look Into This: Image Issues
Look Into This: Search Plug-Ins, Other Plug-Ins
Look Into This: Site Speed and Server Configurations
Final Parting Thoughts
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A Complete SEO Checklist for Web Developers
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Checklist Item #1: Is My Traffic Tracking Program Installed Correctly?
Checklist Item #2: Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?
Checklist Item #3: Mobile URL Structures Leading to Duplicate Content
Checklist Item #4: Is My Structured Data Coded Properly?
Checklist Item #5: Does My Robots.Txt File Have a “Disallow From The Root Directory” Directive?
Checklist Item #6: Does My Site Contain Instances of Staging Site Sub-domains?
Checklist Item #7: Does My Site Contain Major Instances of Coding Errors?
Checklist Item #8: Does My Site Contain an Efficient Code Layout?
Checklist Item #9: Are Images Causing Unnecessary Bottlenecks?
Different Development Platforms: Are Images Unnecessarily Large When They Don’t Have to Be?
Checklist Item #10: Are Any Rogue Plug-Ins Causing Major Issues With SEO?
Checklist Item #11: Is Your Server Using GZip Compression?
Checklist Item #12: Server Time to First Byte Loaded
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