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Scottsdale 360 was created with a vision to combine local marketing with web development to integrate affiliate marketing into an agency that sees the big picture and crafts solutions leveraging technology to enhance the experience not create it


The idea was an agency that combined web development and affiliate marketing


The brand is a result of 20+ years in Scottsdale in the technology sector working with everything from a one man small business to a fortune 100 company


The truth is misconception about what it means to be a web marketer what it means to generate leads and sales and never see or touch the products


The conclusion is a no nonsense approach to web marketing about producing solutions that integrate with a business and produce results


The lies are promises of high rankings and to easily convert sales on the internet that if you build it they will come


The opportunities are an invitation to work with us and experience the difference


Services Scottsdale 360 currently offers

  • affiliate

    Affiliate Marketing

  • Local Marketing card with colorful background

    Local Marketing

  • photo

    360 Photography

  • Competition Marketing Business Analysis Working Concept

    Competitive Intelligence

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    Web Development

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    Web Design

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertising channel that puts merchants in charge of an unlimited online marketing sales force

Affiliate Marketing at its very core is basically about three distinct relationships and their relationship with one another





An advertiser is a company selling products this can be anything from shoes to electronics. If you are an advertiser you are ready to pay other people (affiliates) to sell and promote your products


A publisher is an individual or company that promotes an advertiser’s products in exchange for a commission. Advertisers have agreements in place with publishers on the rate of payment based on the products sold. A typical commission is 4% for most products. Some publishers exercise more control over the process than others sometimes requiring review of links, banners, landing pages etc


The consumer is the end of the affiliate foodchain and the one who makes the purchases from either the advertiser or the publisher

There are three ways to earn money through affiliate marketing

Pay per Click or Cost per Click

Pay each lead or cost per lead affiliate programs

Pay per sale or cost per sale associate programs

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you must be successful in online marketing the requirements are the same you must be able to effective build an online presence and market products effectively

Local Marketing

Digital Marketing for Local is no longer just a word or a technique it’s a way of life

Local Marketing is marketing strategies that can be both traditional in nature or use the internet. Effective local marketing is a comprehensive plan that works to drive local traffic to brick and mortar business or online businesses.

The four key steps to achieving success in local marketing is

  1. Plan
  2. Listen
  3. Execute
  4. Optimize

The foundation for successful local marketing is to allow your business to be discovered by searching customers

Partnering with Scottsdale 360 a firm that understands the ins and outs of the local marketing space and can rapidly respond to market trends and customer needs

360 Photography

360 photography is more than just a photograph, a 360 image is a opportunity to experience an environment almost as if your there to give a customer a virtual experience for your product or environment

360 photography can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses giving consumers an opportunity to experience an environment from home or a mobile device allowing for greater interaction with the environment

360 photography takes many forms

  1. Virtual Tours
  2. Panoramic photography
  3. photospheres
  4. 360 Video

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the art of staying one step ahead of the competition or a way to enter a new or existing market with confidence

The difference in gathering information on your competitors is not simply spying on their ads and strategies but knowing where to look and what to do with the information

A ton of data can be generated with everything from banner ads to keyword lists but how do you interpret it and more importantly what do you do with it

Competitive Intelligence is useless if it doesn’t allow you to convert users into customers

A good competitive intelligence program as part of an overall digital marketing strategy helps speed campaigns to market. Instead of starting with a blank page you are able to visually see what is working and develop effective campaigns

Web Development

Scottsdale 360 is a full service digital creative agency

Every project presents it own unique goals, audience and opportunities. Our approach to successful web development begins with a time test process

We pride ourselves on deliver compelling effective digital marketing solutions for a wide range of customers. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way

Web Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression

A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage the customer as well as communicate effectively your brand and offerings

Websites need to be both beautiful and functional website need to integrate with the different pieces and processes that make up your business

If your site does not properly convey your brand, services,products and calls to action it is no better than a printed brochure sitting a drawer or on the counter

We believe that a close collaboration is the foundation for success.


The Game is Over

The days of SEO being a game outsmarting algorithms is over. Today strategy combined with experience and methodology are the keys to long term success

Who is behind all this?


Jason Laveglia

SEO’s have a bad name everyone has a story about being ripped off or believing empty promises my promise is to deliver a tight digital strategy that succeeds and builds upon itself.

Scottsdale 360 is a digital consultancy agency that has developed an approach to forming and shaping digital strategies for customers that result in prioritized, cost effective solutions that deliver a measurable return on investment

The aim of a digital consultancy is at its core to define digital strategies that focus on driving the key goals defined by customers. I take pride in my deep industry knowledge and 20+ years of technology experience in providing a service to my clients that consistenly  and continuously delivers the outstanding results everyone has come to expect of me


Our Skills

Specialization in the right mix of capabilities from web design to e-commerce to telephony possessing all the skills to succeed

  • E-Commerce 80%

  • Photography 70%

  • Web Design 90%

  • WordPress 100%

Why Choose Us?

The key to a good solution always starts with the plan and how it is executed over time. Having the right methodology solves a variety of problems including easily being able to add more people into a project creating solutions that don’t require constant handholding

A solution is only as good as the problem it solves. No one wants to recreate the wheel nor do they want to hire different people or firms for every piece of the solution

It’s easy to make promises take a clients money and not deliver. The difference I provide is honesty and integrity in every phase of customer involvement

It starts with a solid project plan backed up with ongoing updates and progress reports. Every  project no matter how small is different and requires not only technical capability by a person that can look at a given problem from all sides and formulate a solution that accomplishes all it goals

Our Featured Services

360 Photography

We are equipped and ready to help our clients tell their story with high resolution 360 degree spherical videos and photographs

Local Marketing

Simple solutions to complex problems whether your looking for a reservation system for your office or a campaign to drive more customers we can craft a solution to improve your bottom line

Affiliate Marketing

Local Marketing and Affiliate Marketing go hand in hand it is all about connecting products with consumers








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Here’s our instagram feed which is a glimpse into our work and personal lives everything from trade shows to drinking beer at a giants game


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