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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is undergoing some of its biggest changes in its relatively short history. Revolutionary advances in digital technology and unprecedented regulatory changes are touching the lives of affiliate marketers and advertisers in ways we could never have anticipated or planned for just a few short years ago.

When affiliate marketing began, the concept was simple. Marketers gave trackable links to online publishers (affiliates), and when a reader made a click or a purchase, the publisher earned a commission pretty easy and pretty simpl

Results Driven.

Putting Theory into Practice

Anyone can build an affiliate site or put affiliate links into blog posts

To be a leader in affiliate marketing, agencies must acknowledge that advertisers are seeking more than just one-off leads or random incremental sales. They want advocates and marketers who can engage and retain potential shoppers, demonstrate vertical knowledge, and strengthen overall brand loyalty to foster a long-term relationship.  Affiliate marketing is a proven channel, strengthened by its access to and overwhelming amount of data and quantifiable results. The opportunity is now for both advertisers and their affiliate networks to embrace influencer marketing and make it as cost-effective and transparent as they have affiliate marketing. 

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